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Hoosier Gundog products:
Reliable Retrieving (DVD)
 Favorite Ways To Train Your Bird Dog (book)
Whoa, Dog. Whoa! (DVD)

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Reliable Retrieving:  This DVD is unique in that it shows the entire force fetch training process from start to finish with one dog that initially wouldn't retrieve.  But after 6 weeks of progressing from hold, fetch, introduction to the ecollar, transition to the ground, and finally birdwork in the field, the finished product is a dog that's fast, happy, and reliable!  Hall-Of-Famer, Buddy Smith, said this video was "impressive".  Outdoor writer Larry Brown said "the viewer can see, step by step, just what it takes to get the job done."  And Professional Trainer/Handler Lou Gleber of Nujac Kennels said "this is the best force fetch video that I have ever seen."

Whoa, Dog. Whoa!  The same approach is taken with this DVD in which the viewer essentially sits in on the actual training sessions as Mark teaches two dogs to "whoa."  The dogs are taught using the whoa-and-heel method and then the ecollar is overlayed after each dog understands what is required.  Both dogs are slowly required to whoa under more and more demanding conditions until each can be stopped from a full run in the field with one command given at a normal tone.

Favorite Ways To Train Your Bird Dog:  This is a book written by Mark Payton, and all of the basic pointing dog skills are detailed using MULTIPLE methods.  Since dogs have different temperaments and tendencies, there's no ONE best way to train all dogs.  Some techniques work better with some dogs, and other techniques work better with other dogs.  One of these methods should work for you and your dog.  Topics covered in the book are "here", "whoa", introduction to birds, introduction to gunfire, pointing, backing, and retrieving.  

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